Every year on the streets of Russia, the number of machines increases. Despite the large traffic jams, people move quickly to car dealerships. But unfortunately not everyone has the option to pay the full amount for a new car, so go to the banks. How do banks sell credit cars? Usually the whole thing happens through an auction.  A new buyer can make a full charge of the vehicle (just to buy it and forget about interest rates and monthly payments) or borrow cars on credit. But often from such cars “squeeze all the juices”, so after the transaction you have to branch off for their repair. With the collateral property of this process can be avoided.

But many who will buy a car bank, watch out for new cars on credit – they are not “killed”, you do not have to spend money on repairs … But there are many pitfalls here – one type of variable interest, tax and many other headache.

How to sell car dealers?

Of course, auto loans are one of the most popular ways to buy a car. But in recent years, many banks have tightened their conditions so that not everyone can buy cars on credit. Borrowing in car dealerships is now very popular – at first glance it is very practical since you don’t have to go anywhere. But after a while, the customer knows that it is better to arrange a loan with the bank. And all because of the fact that it requires additional currency conversion payments when transferring money to the car dealer. Thus, the financial institution is enriched on average by 1-2 thousand dollars (at a cost of 20 thousand dollars), which are paid by the customer himself.

The Motor Show hits the buyer in long rows of beautiful foreign cars and friendly and always smiling employees are ready to show you every model of the car and answer all your questions. The so-called “individual approach” forces the customer who has lost vigilance to agree to the terms of the contract. For this reason, he falls into “credit slavery” when interest rates rise and the monthly payment cannot be repaid.

How unsecured traders sell credit cars. Unfortunately, there are many of them in Russia, and there are practically no honest people in credit institutions. Often “good” managers catch the bait of trustworthy customers, convincing that it is possible to make out the loan and the insurance only through the salon. And some even say that buying and you can install additional equipment on the machine only from them and it will be very profitable. In fact, the benefits will be there, but that’s not in the buyer’s favor.

How To Sell Credit Cars In Leasing

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Many as an alternative to credit slavery Choose a service like leasing. The scheme of buying a car is very simple: the customer chooses the desired car and his leasing company buys. According to the contract, the customer makes a down payment (approx. 20-30 percent) and gets the car. He pays the monthly payments for it. It turns out that you don’t rent the car, but rent it with the right to repayment.

James Hollis