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After 10 years of secrecy, anime song duo ClariS finally take off their masks and show their faces

Reveal comes 10 years to the day after the group’s debut.

One of the big changes in anime songs in the modern age is the rise of on-camera performances by singers. It is now a given that top talent will not only appear at fan events promoting individual anime, but also on tour and produce videos for their most popular songs.

And for 10 years, vocal duo of anime songs ClariS put their faces there … but with their faces constantly covered in masks, and sometimes also obscured by shadows.

▼ A medley of songs from ClariS that appear on their upcoming hit album

Originally composed of two adolescents who bear the names Claire and Alice, ClariS debuted with masks and has maintained the practice ever since, even when Alice left the group and the current member Karen took its place. The only time they have been “seen” without their masks was on album covers where the couple were portrayed in anime-style illustrations, even as their hit list continued to grow with their contributions. music to popular franchises, including Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Oreimo, Nisemonogatari, and Cells at work.

Tuesday was the 10th anniversary of the group’s formation, and to mark the occasion, ClariS hosted their first live streaming concert. The even bigger first, however, came when ClariS took off her masks halfway through the concert and showed her face for the first time.

The unmasking reflected the lyrics to the couple’s new song, “Precious,” which read “On this special day, we want to greet everyone with our faces uncovered.”

Much of the concert setlist was taken from songs included in ClariS’s Top Hits Collection which went on sale on October 21 and is split into two albums (Green star, which contains “Precious” and Pink moon).

The first presses of the albums are the first Claris appears on human form, and have a special two-part cover with a transparent section that allows you to remove the masks to relive the revelation whenever you want.

Source, images: Press release
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