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“Anileap” – A 24/7 anime song live streaming project on Youtube!

“Anileap” is a project that aims to create a community where everyone in all generations around the world can listen to anime songs casually. KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE (KAC) is a label of KING RECORD CO., LTD. in Japan and mainly creates music and animated films with voice actors. KAC announced that they have launched their live streaming project called “Anileap,” which streams anime songs for 24 hours for 365 days.

This project provides a place where users can listen to the legendary songs that have been famous and important in anime history as well as the latest songs. The main program of the project is live streaming and it is available 24/7 on YouTube LIVE. Listeners can find old and new anime songs whenever they want.

Prior to the launch of this project, the streaming test of “Anileap” beta version started on Monday, June 27 on the official YouTube channel of KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE ( -cr ).

Listeners can enjoy the anime’s opening and ending theme songs, which have been carefully chosen from KING RECORD’s archives along with their original animation. Additionally, the streaming songs are now on a playlist on various streaming services including Spotify.

The animation art project “NOSTALOOK” and the contemporary design studio “we+” join forces as creators of the “Anileap” world. “NOSTALOOK” creates an original animation and its story takes place in the year 2222 when everyone can freely roam the universe. In the animation, a girl named “Leap” travels the universe and listens to the anime songs while inside the spaceship.

The design shows the world of this universe which is obviously the main theme of the original animation. And the word “Anileap” was located on the line, which is inspired by the YouTube SeekBar. Overall, “we+” created this project logo which shows the feeling that “Anileap” wants to make sure all listeners are close to anime songs.

KING RECORD just celebrated its 90th anniversary last year and strongly supports the anime industry in Japan. So, their anime song streaming project should be fun and interesting for the users. There will be other exciting projects to come. Please check and experience the world of “Anileap” with the beta streaming test, which has just started. now.

24/7 anime song live streaming project “Anileap”

The beta is streaming on the official KAC YouTube channel!

(1) Beta version test streaming may end without warning.

(2) This beta version test stream aims to test functions, movements and server load for the official release of the project. So functions and movements might have some difficulties.

Original “Anileap” playlist Available here!

Original animation production: NOSTALOOK

This is an animation art project, which shows the nostalgic animation world of 70s-90s. They released all kinds of animations on SNS. Especially their original animation called “Romantic Ammonite”, which reproduced the 90s TV anime trailer, got a lot of talk.

They have created animation for music videos by famous artists inside and outside Japan, including British artist Dua Lipa’s song “levitating” and a group’s song “THE FINEST”. of Sexy Zone Japanese boys. They also created the artwork of “Farfetch”, which is the main overseas fashion shopping site. They produce illustrations, films and merchandise and their business has always been diverse.

Twitter: @nostalook7090

Instagram: nostalook7090