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ANiUTa anime song streaming service to end US service on March 31 – News

Subscribers must cancel their subscription before March 31 to avoid continued charges

ANiUTa Co., Ltd. announced Monday that it will be terminating the service of the US version of the ANiUTa anime song streaming service on March 31, 2020. ANiUTa stressed in the announcement that subscribers must cancel their subscription by March 31 or the App Store and google play will continue to charge the monthly subscription fee.

The Japanese version of the service will continue to operate. The company said regarding the closure:

Considering the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful service that meets the expectations of our users, we have decided to remove the US version of the ANiUTa app. We are committed to focusing on our corporate efforts and will continue to develop ANiUTa for our users in Japan.

ANiUTa was released in the United States as the world’s first anime song streaming for iOS and Android on August 1, 2018. ANiUTa was released in Japan in March 2017.

The main companies and labels at the origin of the company are Flying dog, Avex Pictures, Kadokawa, Sunrise Music Editing, Toei Animated Music Editing, TOHO, Border works, Pony canyon, Wonderful, and Lantis. Other companies and labels participating in the streaming service include Earth Star Records, MUSIC OUTPUT, SNK, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, CAPCOM, Karent, Smiral, TEAM Entertainment, Tokuma Japan Communications, Dreamusic, Falcom, TMS Music, VAP, Victor Entertainment, 1st place, Bushiroad music, Music and United Arts, MAGES., To reject, and Warner Brothers.

Thanks to Kougeru for the news tip.

Source: ANiUTa’s Twitter Account and English website