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Ayana Taketatsu Records Cardcaptor Sakura Theme Cover for Anime Song Project CrossSing

Project Anison Crossing brings us covers of our favorite anime themes, performed by stars who also love music. Last on the list of covers comes from Ayana Taketatsuand reinvent the Sakura card sensor opening theme “Platinum”.

Taketatsu, who became famous as Azusa in K-On! and won over fans recently as Nino in The Quintessential Quintupletssays the song has often given her encouragement since she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Ayana Taketatsu

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Taketatsu joins a variety of voice actors, singers, VTubers and more in this new season of the project. You can hear his “Platinum” cover now, thanks to a behind-the-scenes video on the official CrossSing YouTube channel:

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A broadcast page opened for coverage, with links to platforms where you can stream and download the track. (Note: Availability may vary by region.)

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