Surbhi Jyoti is currently busy promoting Sankhiyaan. The actress performed stunningly in the clip, provided she also had some oozing sultry looks.

There you have it, the actress was recently surprised by Bhavin Bhanushali, who is also a popular TV actor and Instagram influencer, at Nrtiya Shakti dance studio, to promote the song.

In the video we can see Surbhi Jyoti talking on the phone while Bhavin looks at her from the back, but when Jyoti looks at him he pretends he is not looking, then Jyoti decides to cheat and disappears, leaving Bhavin to wonder where she is. went. And while Bhavin searches for Surbhi Jyoti, the actress surprises him as she suddenly appears in front of him, then walks out holding him by the arm.

Sharing the video, Bhavin captioned the video, saying “Sakhiyan” with a heart emoji, tagging Surbhi Jyoti, as the song plays in the background.

Credit: Instagram

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