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“Never Gonna Give You Up” Reaches Final Anime Song Form

“Kesshite yuzuranai / Shitsubo o sasenai”

The meta-meme of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley and its seemingly endless permutations feeling a bit like the internet’s own cosmic background radiance – a static synth-pop hiss playing on a loop against all the other chaos. Pausing long enough to consider the dynamics at play in the cyclical nature of references to Rickrolling and the new, creative versions of the 1987 song could easily send us into a long-awaited existential online spin … So instead, let’s enjoy the eerie glory that is “Never Gonna Give You Up” reimagined as the introductory theme song to a Japanese animated series.

Of course, it might not be all that surprising to hear how the American pop vibe of the late ’80s dovetailed perfectly with the extremely serious J-pop styles found in the credits sequences. anime … but that doesn’t mean that “Kesshite Yuzuranai” isn’t a perfect banger which we wish precedes a cartoon about a psychic child and his attachment to, like, a giant mecha-cat. Or something similar.

Okay, so obviously the author of this piece is not it the more poured on anime, but give us a little time. Just a few more shuffles of familiar cultural cues to suit the Japanese medium, and they might finally be convinced to leave the comfort of their pop culture bubble and try new things for once, instead of revisiting. Dead wood for the 103rd time.

Either way, the only thing that could honestly improve the last take of “Never Gonna Give You Up” is that someone creates a fake anime sequence to complete the song. Hell, develop an entire Rick Astley anime show, while you’re at it. Please do it, the Internet. In the meantime, we’ll just have to add “Kesshite Yuzuranai” to our late summer playlist for now.

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