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SONY Music Japan Releases Anime Song Remixes Via Sakura Chill Beats

SONY Music Japan taps into childhood and releases official remixes for several anime-themed songs, including Naruto and Boruto.

For people who have followed the anime, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’, recent arcs have started to get tougher. To help celebrate and share their own love for the Naruto series, dance music artists, including Slushii, CORSAK, and James landino show their fanaticism with official remixes of several songs from Naruto and Boruto. These outings come as part of the excitement that surrounds SONY Music Japanthe rebranding of the Sakura Chill Beats YouTube channel that took place on June 19.

This channel is the first of its kind to focus on official anime song remixes as it mixes the worlds of electronic music and anime, and has its own story centered on a young girl roaming the anime world at looking for friends. Discovering that she is alone due to natural and man-made disasters, she finds a unique Sakura tree that gives her the courage to face the journey she is taking.

Slushii doesn’t give you time to express your feelings with his track from “Blue Bird”.

Sakura Chill Beats has released the remix of Slushii from the third opening of Naruto: Shippuden, “Blue Bird” through Ikimonogakari as a second exit on the chain. A regular on the anime scene, Slushii has already included remixes of songs from the hugely popular The attack of the Titans in his live sets, taking crowds to new heights.

The Los Angeles-based producer stepped in with a high-octane version of the song Naruto, swapping out punchy electric guitar riffs for even more lively basslines. “Blue Bird” demonstrates Slushii’s ability to have fans who even throw themselves on emotional and nostalgic tracks. Slushii commented on the song’s own meaning for him, saying: “Remixing ‘Blue Bird’ was very unique to me because I watched Naruto: Shippuden when it was on TV, so I had the nostalgia to remix that song!”

CORSAK offers the perfect soundtrack for an animated battle with a remix of “Baku”.

Ikimonogakari returned to the Naruto franchise with his song “Baku”Acting as Boruto’s eighth opening. Then stepping up, CORSAK added its own spin on the track. CORSAK wrote down their goals for the remix and explained, “For the remix, I had this vision of Boruto in the middle of a fight and wanted to create a sensation through the music of the power swinging in battle like a pendulum.”

Needless to say, CORSAK got the sound, quietly building the initial tone with percussion before launching into a targeted drop that emphasizes the lyrics of the track. Synths add their own kind of flare, almost as if they mimic the rapid movements exemplified in the battles of Boruto.

James Landino immerses listeners in a bittersweet atmosphere with his remix of “Kimi ga Ita Shirushi. “

Continuing the flurry of remixes, James Landino provided his interpretation of halca‘s “Kimi ga Ita Shirushi,Boruto’s most recent ending theme song. “I grew up watching the ‘Naruto’ anime and working on ‘Boruto’ is a childhood dream. Landino shared.

As a video game composer, Landino’s background helped perfectly splash a renewed touch of vitality into the song. Opting for a smoother sound, the track reaches higher notes and cranks up the speed for a vibrant sound. The producer completely rearranges the track and completes the moving lyrics of the song surrounding the friendship.

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