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The greatest anime songs singer of all time releases all albums, 41 singles for online streaming services

The day of his birthday, Megumi Hayashibara gives fans a reason to celebrate too.

There is a lot of anime voice actressesbut There is only one Megumi Hayashibara. After debuting as an unseen (and upset) neighbor in Ikkoku House in 1986, Hayashibara has worked in the industry continuously, with no decline in popularity, currently captivating viewers of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Once Upon a Time like the voice of Rei Ayanami. Additionally, since 1991, she has also provided opening and ending themes for many of the series she stars in.

Last Tuesday was Hayashibara’s birthdayand with this year marking the 30th anniversary of her debut as a professional singershe decided to celebrate by announcing that she is has made its music catalog available on several online music subscription services. The collection includes his 14 albums, from Half and, Half (released in 1991) to Fifty~Fifty (2018), as well as his 41 singles released between “Nijiiro no Sneaker” (1991) and “Imawa no Shinigami” (2017) and various best- of and compilation albums.

▼ Hayashibara’s new song “Denim” from his latest compilation album vintage jeans

The selection spanning decades includes a number of themes from hit franchises such as Killers, shaman king, blue seedand even evangelizationsuch as Hayashibara’s jazz-style “Ayanami Rei covers” of the two The Cruel Angel Thesis and take me to the moon are part of his seventh album, Bertemu.

▼ “Soul Salvation”, Hayashibara’s new theme for Shaman King, will also be available.

Hayashibara’s catalog is now available for audio streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Line Music, Amazon Music, AWA, KKBox, RecMusic and d Hits, with links to individual services here.

Source: Ongaku Natalie Going through Hachima Kiko, Megumi Hayashibara Official Blog
Top picture: Apple Music
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