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TWICE gives powerful performance of Japanese song Perfect World at 2021 Music Festival

TWICE first performed their new Japanese single “Perfect World” as part of a Japanese program called “The Music Day 2021”. All nine women looked immaculate in black outfits of various models. The song ‘Perfect World’ is part of the Japanese studio album of the same name. The entire album will be released on July 28 while the title track has been pre-released with a music video for the same. The lead single is about telling the partner to go away as he most likely cheated on her and she wants to get away from him. The concept of this song is very different from their usual songs about someone’s love with cute or sultry concepts. TWICE turns into women who loudly proclaim that their ex-partner should stay away from them.

The Perfect World clip also shows the glamorous members as the men around them wear masks and continue to watch them from hidden places as the group sings to tell them to stay away. The powerful performance with elegance and passion is what captivated fans and drew them to the new song. Internet users paid their compliments and appreciation for TWICE’s performance on the online community forums. They love these more ferocious and savage concepts of TWICE. They commented on the different parts of the song that they love while also highlighting each member of the group. The clip has already accumulated more than 13 million views.

TWICE has announced that after the Japanese album, they will release their first official single in English. The album “Perfect World” will be released on July 28 and will also feature the group’s previous Japanese songs such as “Kura Kura”.

Watch Perfect World’s performance here:


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