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Watch Tetseo Sisters Listen to Japanese Song “Ue O Muite Arukou”

Kohima: Entering the new year with a lot of positivity and sharing messages of hope along the way, the Tetseo Sisters released a cover of the Japanese song “Ue O Muite Arukou” on Friday.

“We’ve always loved trying songs in different languages ​​and cultures. This particular song just sounded right. It’s a song about hope in the face of loss, uncertainty and sounds so joyful and nostalgic at the same time,” the Tetseo Sisters said. IsMojo.

They expressed their joy at discovering the Japanese version as they already knew the English version of the song.

“We first came across this song in a Japanese anime movie, then a friend shared the same song more recently when we were planning to perform a Japanese song at a very exclusive event. And a little research turned up showed how special this song is, and that’s it,” they said.

The 3:28 minute music video featured the Tetseo Sisters – Mercy, Azi, Kuvelü and Lulu on vocals, and their brother Mhasheve Tetseo on guitar.

“Rokusuke Ei wrote this song to capture the feelings of disappointment and grief among Japanese audiences in the 1950s when the Japan-US Treaty was signed amid protests against the US occupation. But the song also expresses hope of a brighter future for young people and for Japan in the years to come,” said Mercy. IsMojo.

The song was originally performed by Kyu Sakamoto. The quartet and their brother Mhasheve Tetseo found the story behind the song “really uplifting” as it reflects the current situation. They added: “The uncertainty, the loss, the protests and then suddenly a song to soothe and uplift. It just happens to be in Japanese.

The song was recorded during the second lockdown period last year, and the video around the end of October when the cosmos was in full bloom in Kohima.

“Somehow the song evokes nostalgia in us, and the cosmos reminds us of childhood and the great outdoors while growing up – so it fits the mood of the song perfectly,” they wrote. declared.

Recalling how the quartet learned the song, Mercy said, “Learning the song was fun. We cross-checked a lot and tried to stay close to pronunciation and accents. Interestingly, Japanese is quite close to the Chokri Naga dialect phonetically. and many people thought it was a Naga song when we sang it at events.

The Tetseo sisters said the music video was another home production and local handmade props and outfits were sourced for the video.

Although the current health crisis has already derailed a few events and plans, the sisters said they are all safe and will continue to work on ongoing projects, while accepting new assignments as the situation warrants.

“But the process of creating music continues. We entered the new year with an open and positive mind, and some interesting things are happening. We’ve finally completed a project…and we’re brimming with excitement for the rest of the year ahead. Already so blessed,” they said.

As for New Year’s resolutions, they shared their determination to achieve more fitness and adopt healthier habits. They also want to take every opportunity to travel and experience more of Nagaland when it is safer.

Significantly, the Tetseo Sisters advocated for the practice of the 3Rs – recycle, reuse and reduce, expressing their desire to launch awareness campaigns.

Asked about their next move, they said, “We have a few covers, a movie or two, and some exciting collaborations with more original music to come. And we’re excited and optimistic to share more when they’re ready.”

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